For Technicians

Work the jobs you want, and let us handle the rest. Utilize our network of businesses to advance your career, control your schedule, and get rewarded for high-quality, meaningful work.

Earn More

Techadox has the lowest project fee* in the industry. Many job boards take 10% or more of the total project cost. Those fees come off of the top of the project cost, before anything is paid to the technician. At Techadox, our base fee is 8% of the project cost and in some cases can be even lower, allowing our community of technicians to earn more on each project.

Achieve Preferred Status

Techadox technicians can earn preferred status once a reputation for excellent work is established. Complete 5 jobs through our platform for eligibility and work with our Coordinated Service clients.

Get Product Discounts & Support

Our technicians can receive discounts and benefits on technology, training, and business services through our corporate partners.

Showcase Your Skills

Customize your own technician profile with your professional details, skill sets, certifications, equipment, licenses, and portfolio attachments for higher engagement.

Explore Work Opportunities

Search for opportunities by location, service date, and customer. Get suggested Work Orders based on your skills and experience as they are created.

Increase Your Productivity

Built-in notifications, time trackers, and reports keep you in the loop and on task. This all results in more completed Work Orders and happy clients.

Your Workplace

Our business is to help you build your freelance business so you can meet both your personal and professional goals. We want you to know that you have more than a place for work at Techadox--you have a place that works for you.

Work Perks

From the lowest project fee in the industry, to bonuses, insurance providers, API integrations, and partner discounts--Techadox provides a rewarding workplace for field service technician freelancers who are looking to make a difference.

Oxen University

Expand your knowledge and grow your freelance business with exclusive training courses and continued learning. Participate and complete courses online and in the field to pick up new skills and enhance existing ones.