Labor as a Service™

While the technology world is busy fighting over software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, we've been focused on building out a new concept of our own. We're putting a new spin on contingent labor. Find yourself on the right side of change with Techadox, the pioneers of Labor as a Service (LaaS).

An Overview

The global marketplace is readjusting what it means to offer a “service.”

The American workforce is full of skilled workers who are underemployed or in jobs they need, but don’t want. Likewise, the market is brimming with businesses trying to cut costs, improve margins, and deliver excellent service. Our platform guides both parties to the opportunities they’ve been looking for.

Techadox connects businesses with qualified professionals across industries, and connects technicians to a library of work orders and projects so they can live the career they deserve.

We aren’t offering a one-time freelance fix — we’re revolutionizing the way people think about contingent labor — we're setting the precedent for Labor as a Service (LaaS).

LaaS: The Solution to Contingent Work Management Challenges

How we look at and handle labor is changing. This is fact, not fiction. And while older, more-traditional forms of labor haven't been fully eradicated from the workplace, they are being pushed to the test by the growing contingent labor field. Businesses today have greater, more-sophisticated needs; the triumphs of yesterday are becoming increasingly more difficult to replicate and build on. As such, an adaptation in a new world of work is underway, presenting an onslaught of fresh ideas and raw solutions that pose their own unique set of challenges.

Per research by Ardent Partners, an advisory firm, the Top Contingent Workforce Management Challenges in 2017-18 include:


Desire to be a more agile business


Need to better find, engage, and source talent


Critical skills gaps in current workforce


Greater need for on-demand talent


Need to reduce overall labor/workforce costs

Executives need to be prepared for this era of change in relation to contingent labor management. Quickly, they are turning to LaaS solutions where work platforms, managed delivery, and assisted in-sourcing are blended to increase the overall agility of their operations. With LaaS, businesses are sourcing better talent, cutting workforce costs, and thriving in the contemporary workplace. They boast the tools required to transform thought-processes and tear down barriers built by technology. On top of that, businesses that adopt LaaS are successfully balancing traditional and new methods of labor for higher-optimized work output.

Securing The Future

Regardless of your market, your business isn’t foolproof. All businesses must constantly be adapting and planning so they are prepared to solve the problems of tomorrow, not just react to them. Implementing LaaS is a decision which will take your business to the forefront of our evolving marketplace.

As stated in the Ardent Partners report, laborers are shifting to the contingent market faster than ever. Millenials are now the most sought-after group of laborers in the market, and they aren’t going where they don’t want to work. Engaging and retaining this workforce takes strategy. Provide a flexible work environment and build a culture that promotes learning and improvement using LaaS solutions.

This isn't just the consensus of Millennial workers — older generations are shifting their habits to stay ahead of the curve. Businesses which provide these opportunities will have an edge in utilizing the younger workforce. Businesses who don’t will find themselves talent-hungry in the years to come.