The Platform

We combined over 50 years of experience in Contingent Labor, Desktop Engineering, Networking, Project and Infrastructure Management, Network Marketing, Staff Augmentation and IT Training to create the perfect platform.

Meet Techadox

The online contingent labor community that businesses and field service technicians can’t get enough of.

What side of the platform are you looking to explore?

The Business Side

  • Create Work Orders

    Create Work Orders, outline tasks, and define requirements including your location, contact details, service schedules, and pay rates.
  • Find Technicians

    Finding the right technician has never been easier thanks to qualified technician lists, automated alert systems, and our Coordinated Service.
  • Streamline Management

    Monitor Work Order status, communicate with technicians, leverage project management tools, and generate detailed reports all from one dashboard.
  • Pay Your Technicians

    Our system tracks hours and rates and debits your account for completed work. This way you can stay efficient and pay technicians without hassle.

Techadox Coordinated Service

Want additional resources and support to ensure your projects are completed to internal specifications? Check out our Coordinated Service.

The Technician Side

  • Showcase Your Skills

    Customize your own technician profile with your professional details, skill sets, certifications, equipment, licenses, and portfolio attachments for higher engagement.
  • Explore Exciting Opportunities

    Search for opportunities by location, service date, and customer. Get suggested Work Orders based on your skills and experience as they are created.
  • Increase Your Productivity

    Built-in notifications, time trackers, and reports keep you in the loop and on task. This all results in more completed Work Orders and happy clients.
  • Earn More

    Our system rewards you when you perform in the field. Earn more with the lowest project fee in the industry and bonuses for successfully competing work.