Telecom Technicians

Techadox is the premier platform for qualified telecom technicians. Whether you're looking to add more talent to your workforce, or scaling your freelance telecommunications business, our application will help you get more work done.

Built For Telecom. Backed by 50 Years of IT Experience.


Earn Up To 20% More

Techadox telecom technicians benefit from our industry-low project management fee and can earn up to 20% more on freelance projects than competing platforms.


Enjoy Coordinated Service

Techadox customers love the flexibility of our self-service app and can't get enough of our one-of-a-kind coordinated service.

Join Techadox

Joining Techadox is fast and free. Set up a self-service or technician account in minutes. Or contact us for coordinated service and assisted insourcing.

Search Telecom

Search telecom technician jobs and freelancers for equipment installation, cabling and wiring, VOIP, and voice and data services.

Get To Work

Hire technicians and work jobs based on geographic location, skills, past performance, and certifications to get work done.

Coordinated Service

Our one of a kind coordinated service. We create assignments, curate pools of field technicians, find the best workforce, negotiate terms, track live assignments, manage payment, coordinate rollout and dispatch, and provide 24x7 support.

Self Service

Create, employ, and scale a customized network with field technicians and full-timers to solve business challenges. Automate service delivery operations and your workforce recruitment. Experience your personalized tech support team.


Get connected to new field technology opportunities on the platform backed by 25+ years of industry experience. Build relationships with new businesses, gain experience, sharpen your skills, and earn up to 20% more*.