Techadox Vs. Field Nation

Techadox offers incentives, services, and rewards to businesses and technicians that our competition doesn’t. Join us and see why we're becoming the preferred online labor marketplace for field service.

For Businesses


Field Nation

Nationwide Network of Technicians
Dashboards For Businesses and Technicians
Curated Pool of Field Service Professionals
API Integrations
Bid New Assignment Directly To Specific Technician

Coordinated Service

Assisted Insourcing

For Technicians


Field Nation

Customized Profile and Job Search Tools
Educational and Skillset Improvement Resources
Built-in time tracking and reporting
Partner Product Discounts

Compounding rewards for job success

Coordinated Parts To Your Project Site

Project Fee*



*Field Nation's standard project fee is 10%; projects exceeding $1,000 are subject to an 8% project fee. Techadox's base fee is 8% of the project cost and in some cases can be even lower, allowing our community of technicians to earn more on each project.

Coordinated Service

Our one of a kind coordinated service. We create assignments, curate pools of field technicians, find the best workforce, negotiate terms, track live assignments, manage payment, coordinate rollout and dispatch, and provide 24x7 support.

Self Service

Create, employ, and scale a customized network with field technicians and full-timers to solve business challenges. Automate service delivery operations and your workforce recruitment. Experience your personalized tech support team.


Get connected to new field technology opportunities on the platform backed by 25+ years of industry experience. Build relationships with new businesses, gain experience, sharpen your skills, and earn up to 20% more*.